Løkken Strand Camping is open from 5 April 2023 to 17 September 2023

Note: There are no place charges or environmental fees, etc..

 Here, you can of course reserve a space for caravan, motorhome or tent.

We are not so modern with an online booking system where you have to order a certain number of days and pay in advance. That is to say, that if one travels ahead of time, or do not come, you lose money. Here with us you pay "only" for the days you stay here. It is the good old fashioned "camping" where you can leave when you want.


There is free Internet/ WiFi


Price pr. night (DKK) 2023
Adult 125  110 100  
Children (0-11 år) 62  57 50  
10  10 10  
Electricity (without heating) 50  50 50  
Space 0 0 0  
Appendix 1 row/beach pitch 0 0 0  
Emty wagon without electricity 125  90 75  

Sæson A:  24/6 -19/8

Sæson B: 19/8 - 17/9

Sæson C: 05/4 - 24/6 


 quickstopEt såkaldt Quickstop (som er en hurtig overnatning KUN for autocampere) fra kl. 20.00 – 10.00 koster 125 kr.

Du kan læse mere ved at klikke her. (Downloader pdf-fil på omkring 2 Mb).